Keep Your Yard Green and Beautiful

Make watering easy with an irrigation system installation in Clinton, Laurens, Simpsonville & Greer, SC

As record high temperatures set in across the nation, the need for irrigation becomes greater than ever. You don't have to water your plants by hand to keep them healthy. An irrigation system will water your plants automatically. Southern Grove Landscaping and Irrigation provides irrigation system installation in and around Clinton, Laurens, Simpsonville and Greer, SC. Whether you're creating an entirely new landscape or just need to keep your yard watered, we can help.

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You don't have to have a design in hand

If you're not sure what kind of arrangement you need, let Southern Grove Landscaping and Irrigation provide you with an irrigation system design. We can inspect your landscape and determine the best locations to install lines and sprinkler heads. We'll make sure your irrigation system is efficient and effective.

Our crew can also upgrade your existing irrigation system to make it cover more ground.

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