Working on Uneven Terrain?

Smooth it out with grading services in Clinton, Laurens, Simpsonville & Greer, SC

Construction companies may not have your landscaping needs in mind. Call Southern Grove Landscaping and Irrigation if your property needs to be graded. We provide grading services in the Clinton, Laurens, Simpsonville and Greer, SC areas. We'll even out your yard and install landscaping and hardscaping features that direct water away from your structure. This will provide for better erosion control and keep your soil and landscaping from being washed away.

Get commercial and residential grading services from a skilled landscaping contractor in Clinton, Laurens, Simpsonville or Greer, SC.

The benefits of landscaping grading

When it starts to rain, you'll notice a big difference between a hilly yard and one that's been graded.

Grading can help your home by...

  • Improving your drainage. You won't have water pooling in your yard and creating a swamp.
  • Providing erosion control. The rain won't wash away soil and take your landscaping with it.
  • Protecting your house. A properly graded landscape will drain water away from your foundation.

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